Duplicate Bridge for Club Players

Tournament Bridge - Fast, Fun and Sociable

Over the last decades 'Duplicate Bridge' - that is tournament bridge - has become the norm in club level play. It's fast, fun and sociable and you do not need to play for stakes. In a duplicate tournament, you play as teams of two (NB. At all our games single players are welcome and will be paired up. We guarantee partners for all players at all our sessions). A set of deals circulates from table to table and each pair plays each of the deals in turn. The object is to get a better score from the same cards compared with other pairs at other tables. If you get the best score on a deal you win, if not you don't!. The pair that wins the most deals wins the tournament. Tournament bridge is very sociable, each pair plays against several other pairs - and it tests your skill level.

This is club level bridge so you should at least be comfortable with the basics. Advanced and intermediate players are welcome, but we also try to provide a friendly and supportive environment if you are playing your first tournaments. You can come with or without a partner - all our games are 'hosted' so if you come single you will be paired up for the game and there is always a 'house' player to make up the numbers if needed. Do not be shy about coming - ring or email if you need more advice. Some of the games below are 'gentle duplicates', some are full-pace suitable for experienced players. Click the links to find out more.

Camden, Putney, Balham, Chiswick, Kingston are some of the places where we have regular duplicate games. Click the various links to be taken to a club page for each venue.