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Exercise your wits at the world's most popular card game. Teams of two vie to come out on top. Gain a new social skill and meet like-minded people.
Aces Hi! is a lively London-based network for playing bridge. Beginners, refreshers and more experienced players all catered for.   Scroll down to find the section most suitable for you.

We think bridge should be fun – we use congenial venues at most of which you  you can get (or bring) a drink while you play. If you know the basics, even at a most rudimentary level, just show up at one of our games and you will be made welcome and we will soon get you playing . Singles, couples and groups all welcome. Single players can come without a bridge partner and are always guaranteed a game.

Do You Already Play?

Come and play 'duplicate bridge', the most popular form of bridge today.  In a duplicate tournament, a set of deals circulates from table to table and each pair plays each of the deals in turn.  The object is to get a better score from the same cards compared with other pairs at other tables.  if you get the best score on a deal you win, if not you don't!.  The pair that wins the most deals wins the tournament.  It's fun, it's fast, it's sociable - you will play against several other pairs - and it tests your skill level.    

This is club level bridge so you should at least be comfortable with the basics.  Advanced and intermediate players are welcome, but we also try to provide a friendly and supportive environment if you are playing your first tournaments.  You can  come with or without a partner - all our games are 'hosted' so if you come single you will be paired up for the game and there is always a 'house' player to make up the numbers if needed.   Do not be shy about coming - ring or email if you need more advice.

Putney, Balham, Chiswick, Kingston are some of the places where we have regular duplicate games.  Click this link for our duplicate timetable.

New Player, Refresher, Returner?

Maybe you've just done some lessons, or learnt bridge at home.  Or you played bridge before and want to get back into it.   We could be the group for you. We meet to play social bridge for improvers in different parts of London including evening games in Holland Park, Paddingtonand Canary Wharf and daytime games in Kingston, Sheen, Chiswick and BalhamClick through to the Bridge for Improvers page for more details.  Email or phone enquiries welcome.
These are 'supervised play' games:  
some you play in set tables of four, others are 'gentle duplicate' playing fewer deals at a more relaxed pace than the main games above.  We play and teach a modern bidding system and to help you learn and progress, advice is available on request at any time from an experienced bridge leader.  Many of our players graduate to regular club games.

Our evening programme includes:
MONDAYS:  A group of players meets for informal social after-work bridge on Monday nights in the Canary Wharf area.   Email for more info.

  Kit Jackson hosts 'Gentle Duplicate' at the Academy pub, 57 Princedale Road, Holland park, London W11 4NP every Wednesday from 7.15pm onwards. This is a short walk from the Central Line tube station. Click to Playing Opportunities for more info about the venue.

SATURDAYS:  Victor Lesk hosts the following 'Meet Up' group, which meets on alternate Saturday evenings::

Improver Lessons

From time to time  we offer formal lesson sessions on different aspects of bidding and play.  These sessions normally take the form of a seminar, followed by a set of topic-related practice deals.

Absolute Beginner?

Bridge isn't hard to play - it's just fiendishly hard to play well.  Some traditional bridge clubs make their beginners do over a year's formal tuition.  We think this is not necessary - you should learn the basics of the game and get stuck in, learning and gaining experience through play.  You can get a good introduction to bridge in a single 2-day weekend course (Saturday-Sunday).  Our Tutor Ned Paul has run 'Learn Bridge in a Weekend' for over 10 years and many players in our network started with this course.  Suitable for all ages.  After the course you'll be welcome to join one of our improver groups as above.  Click to Bridge Lessons For Beginners for details and current dates.

Another Group?

Want to start a new group in your area? If you can help us find a pub or bar that would welcome a table or two of bridge players, we have the experience and bridge expertise to get you going. If you think your locality has potential to support a small informal evening bridge group please email or phone Ned - 07792 715517.